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riisteterror's Journal

Cheese Toes
13 July
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I am mainly a musician but I work and attend college. I am a music major and I play in several bands which range from crust/grind to 50s/60s rock and motown. I plan to teach high school music.

I am usually quiet and subtle but I can become energized and uninhibited when I play shows and drink. I am by no means rude, rude people tend to irritate me, especially the ones who feel like they have something to prove. I knocked out some Exploited obsessed moron because he was walking around acting really unnecessarily pompous and was sexually harassing some of my female friends.

You would be better off asking me what kind of music I DON'T like rather than what I do. Although I root myself mainly in punk, crust and grind, my musical interests are so wide, it would take way too long to explain. I DON'T like contemporary country music, christian rock, alt. rock and pop punk. As far as crust goes, I dig more the early english crust pioneers, mainly Amebix, Hellbastard and Deviated Instinct but I dig a lot of the new American crusty stuff like Contravene and Resist and Exist. I am captivated by Resistant Culture, thier message and music. I'm also a huge fan of Municiple Waste, Tragedy and Voetsek. Swedish crust bands kick ass too. Meh, I'm soapboxing and I've barely hit the base of my musical interests.

Politically, I move to post-leftism but I would rather see people become democrats and liberals than ignorant, hypocritical anarchists. I despise the corporate empire that has amassed itself within this country and has infected countries all over the world with its tyranny, cultural destruction and labor violation, but I despise more the social reliance on the consumerism that fuels this machine of greed. It makes me sick seeing the roads packed with SUVs whose owners live a lifestyle that makes a compact car sufficient for daily living. It frustrates me that these people are informed about the consequences that thier lifestyles yield yet continue to live the way they do. Citizens of the US are wasteful, materialistic and apathetic towards world struggles like famine, disease, poverty and bloodshed. They hide in the comfortable fallacy of nationalistic pride and use it as a blinder to justify thier uncaring towards the world as a collective of human beings, rather than racial and boundary based sects. We are one people, we must be aware of global struggles, we must cast away the blanket of blind consumerism.

Want to know more about me? Just ask.